Congratulations Class of 2020

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Class of 2020, you blow us all away! Congratulations on your graduation from all of us at Hamilton! 🎓

  • Josiah Hartie

    Josiah Hartie

    Ай мурун

    I’m just now seeing this thank you guys 🥺

  • Bbomb 13

    Bbomb 13

    2 ай мурун

    What cast is this?

  • Erin Ilao

    Erin Ilao

    4 ай мурун

    heh, *I'm still in middle school and my school didn't end yet lol*

  • Chiara disperata

    Chiara disperata

    4 ай мурун

    What are Angelica Eliza and Philip tour? I tought they were just the caracthers the persons played but some man had the Angelica tour sign below so is it like tours names?

  • ymir !

    ymir !

    5 ай мурун

    i wish i saw this when i graduated eighth grade. i’m just starting highschool and seeing this.

  • Lindstheteacher


    5 ай мурун

    I am a college graduate of 2020.

  • Amber Fretwell

    Amber Fretwell

    6 ай мурун

    This makes me really happy even tho I didn’t get to graduate this year I’m ready to get out into the world and show people that we might seem young still but we are strong and we are going to show the world who we really are, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I killed Philip

    I killed Philip

    6 ай мурун

    Time for college

  • Ashy Aki

    Ashy Aki

    6 ай мурун

    This made Me cry ❤❤ thank u
    As a 2020 graduate its so hard because we miss so much
    And my 18th golden birthday got canceled too
    And you all r so sweet and amazing

  • Dylan No

    Dylan No

    7 ай мурун

    I just wish that the original broadway cast was doing it

  • dummyproduction


    7 ай мурун


  • Stealthheart ocZ

    Stealthheart ocZ

    7 ай мурун

    I didn’t see Hamilton until after I graduated, but this video still meant more than anything my school tried to do

  • random_flame_ pup

    random_flame_ pup

    7 ай мурун


  • Silvia Di Martino

    Silvia Di Martino

    7 ай мурун

    These 6 dislikes thought it meant "dis I like"

  • Artworks Luna

    Artworks Luna

    8 ай мурун

    Please come to TURKEY pleaseeeeee

  • Musical Addict

    Musical Addict

    8 ай мурун

    *is looking at phone then looks up slightly and sees Thayne out of the corner of my eye* "THAYNE!"

  • Azure Trio

    Azure Trio

    8 ай мурун

    I worked hard and had a lot of set backs due to health and safety issues. But after a LONG six years, I just completed my last class for my bachelor's. I'm so grateful that my American Art 1 professor made me listen to Hamilton, saying it would help me pass my final, back in 2016, because even though it only helped me answer a 2point question on the exam, it helped me get through life. I have gone through so much heartache and pain and there was always a song I could relate to from this show to get me through the tough times. I was so excited to decorate my cap and walk across the stage, but I'm glad it's not happening so we make sure everyone stays home and stays safe. History has its eyes on us, and I hope to get back into helping my community, helping the next generation. "If we lay a strong enough foundation
    We'll pass it on to you, we'll give the world to you." Thank you to everyone involved in this show. Thank you so much.

  • Sam Scheetz

    Sam Scheetz

    8 ай мурун

    Thank you so much for this. Things have been so tough lately.

  • Mariangel Garcés

    Mariangel Garcés

    8 ай мурун

    My God, I'm not even american and I'm sobbing like a baby. Hamilton helped me this quarentine. I've worked so hard the last five years to graduate and this year I was so excited and now I can't even go get my title from my teachers, my mom's the one that's going to school. Btw, english isn't my first language, so I apologize for any mistake.

  • Leah Rachel

    Leah Rachel

    8 ай мурун

    I’m scared of graduating.... this made me feel so much better. Thank you...❤️

  • Bastion 1718

    Bastion 1718

    8 ай мурун

    As a member of class 2020 I thank you for this. I have had depression for several years now, and only now have able to make friends I can trust; for the past months I have been afraid of losing them and now I’m scared I can’t seem One Last Time. So once again thank you .
    - Bastion1718 from the class of 2020 of Ateneo de Manila from the Philippines

  • Myra Montgomery

    Myra Montgomery

    8 ай мурун

    hey you didn’t get a graduation but you got all celebrities from the whole world to say congratulations. maybe your role model congratulated you :0



    8 ай мурун

    Hey Hamilton,
    I'm Manuel from Argentina. I'm a very big fan of the musical Also I'm looking for a video of the old cast giving a Happy Birthday to my best friend, that fell in love with the musical, and that she will go to watch it next year. Also we have watched during the quarantine "Hamilton" together by an internet video and we love it.
    Also if they can send me 1 video wishing her a Happy Birthday, I will be so grateful with you. Her name is Melina, also she is going to be 17.
    We love the musical a lot, so if you can send a the video we will be so grateful

  • Daniela Araujo

    Daniela Araujo

    8 ай мурун

    I’m sobbing, this is everything

  • Class of Sports

    Class of Sports

    8 ай мурун

    Well done Hamilton! This is why I love Hamilton!

  • Anna Block

    Anna Block

    8 ай мурун

    why did I want Lin to come in at the end and say "Good luck with the lotto!"

  • Guiayara González

    Guiayara González

    8 ай мурун

    I'm not even graduate but I cried a lot with this video 😔❤️

  • Kiara Carbajal

    Kiara Carbajal

    8 ай мурун

    0:39 Needed to hear that. ❤️ thanks for this!

  • Leah Rachel

    Leah Rachel

    8 ай мурун

    I’m not graduating. I’m crying.

  • Wolf Claw18

    Wolf Claw18

    8 ай мурун

    Thank you! Has a graduate I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! ❤️❤️

  • Evan Hansen

    Evan Hansen

    8 ай мурун

    This title: congratulations
    Me: yOu HaVe InVeNtEd A nEw kInD oF *sMaRt*

  • Estera Ulrich-Oltean

    Estera Ulrich-Oltean

    8 ай мурун

    As a 2020 high school graduate, I'm actually crying at this

  • J. Morales

    J. Morales

    8 ай мурун

    In my country we still in classes :(

  • Wildmoon BG

    Wildmoon BG

    8 ай мурун

    I'm only graduating middle school (and I haven't had my final very important exams) but damn my emotionally unstable 13 year old self is crying like hella crying

  • Pokemon Fan Transit And Rail

    Pokemon Fan Transit And Rail

    8 ай мурун

    Wishing my senior friends at school a happy future.

  • Lushy HeartfIlia

    Lushy HeartfIlia

    8 ай мурун

    Me realizing I have 4 years left but y’all make my day thank you!

  • Fv Its Lily

    Fv Its Lily

    9 ай мурун

    They should have sung congratulations

  • Sofie Playz

    Sofie Playz

    9 ай мурун

    Am in 8th grade and I had promotion but I missed it

  • Dragons Dolliez

    Dragons Dolliez

    9 ай мурун

    I'm graduating 8th grad this year, and though it's not as big as the Senior year graduation. I was still bummed about missing it. This made me happy

  • L K

    L K

    9 ай мурун

    Personally, since school year starts in January for me and ends in November, this stupid thing popped up mid school year for me and I lost whatever little amount of motivation I had before this happened. I still have to study for my O levels at the end of the year. Thank you for this, I’m really tired but I’ll get through it

  • Mickey waffle king

    Mickey waffle king

    9 ай мурун

    Thank you so much for this! I am graduating Grade 8 this year, and this brought a little bit of joy to me, though it made me cry.
    I am looking forward to the release of the Hamilton movie on Disney plus.
    You are amazing, thank you so so much! ⭐

  • Sea


    9 ай мурун

    Congratulations you have invented a new kind of
    S m a r t

  • Alison Shea

    Alison Shea

    9 ай мурун

    I love this ❤ the quote I used on my grad cap was "no one has more resilience or matches my practical, tactical brilliance," which I think can truly resonate with all of us right now.



    9 ай мурун

    WE MADE IT! Raise a glass to freedom~

  • Laughing At the Sky

    Laughing At the Sky

    9 ай мурун

    As a graduate who just gave their Valedictorian speech last night, I say thank you
    *Cries in Class of 2020*

  • Anne Titcombe

    Anne Titcombe

    9 ай мурун

    I’m crying make it stop

  • Jane Delacalle

    Jane Delacalle

    9 ай мурун

    I love it.

  • Sam Is a whizzer stan

    Sam Is a whizzer stan

    9 ай мурун

    even though im class of 2024 (promoting this year) This video still felt kinda special

  • Daniela Torres

    Daniela Torres

    9 ай мурун

    I’m graduating next year my cousin did this year and my cousins friend got valedictorian

  • Eva


    9 ай мурун

    When you don’t graduate until June 2nd....

  • Nicky C

    Nicky C

    9 ай мурун

    As a class of 2020 high school graduate this means so much!! 💗

  • veró


    9 ай мурун

    this made me cry at work. i appreciate all of you ❤️❤️ RAISE A GLASS TO FREEDOM!

  • Cisne con corbata

    Cisne con corbata

    9 ай мурун

    I didn't have a ceremony but I had a Hamilton congratulation, so take that haters

  • Kara Gavin

    Kara Gavin

    9 ай мурун

    omg the and Peggy tour

  • gracelyn yang

    gracelyn yang

    9 ай мурун

    i’m just dying because i just found out there’s an “and peggy tour”

  • nina grey

    nina grey

    9 ай мурун

    i speak for the entire class of 2020 when i say. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL

  • Oleg Dobinda

    Oleg Dobinda

    9 ай мурун

    I’m saving this to see it on my actual day of grad

  • Matthew Korniczky

    Matthew Korniczky

    9 ай мурун

    Thank you so much! God bless y'all!

  • Lauren' do aesthetic

    Lauren' do aesthetic

    9 ай мурун


  • Julia M.

    Julia M.

    9 ай мурун

    Thanks to you now I'm crying but I really needed it and thank you so much! Love from class of 2020 from Poland!

  • Rachel Bee

    Rachel Bee

    9 ай мурун

    Being in the class of 2020 has been wild so far; this message is beautiful and is heartfelt, and will help so many people. Thank you💛

  • izzy linc

    izzy linc

    9 ай мурун

    Ive still got 6 months left but i love this

  • katie mcmullan

    katie mcmullan

    9 ай мурун

    I’m not anywhere near graduating and omg I’m crying

  • Sugang


    9 ай мурун

    Lovely ❤️ Thank you cast of Hamilton

  • Aidan Twidale

    Aidan Twidale

    9 ай мурун

    I'm crying and only in grade 11

  • Kaylee Yee

    Kaylee Yee

    9 ай мурун

    This was so sweet!!!!!

  • Berta Rivera

    Berta Rivera

    9 ай мурун

    Ok but just know that i'm crying

  • Cactusfruit


    9 ай мурун

    0:30 “take a time to read a book your not assigned to read”
    I’ve read almost 7 books in like 2 ish months that’s the most I’ve read in like a year. Also they are 25ish chapter books all from twilight and hunger games

  • mora gra

    mora gra

    9 ай мурун

    I'm not even in university yet, and I'm c r y i n g♡

  • kids Armknecht

    kids Armknecht

    9 ай мурун

    This is beautiful

  • This Random Boy ;P

    This Random Boy ;P

    9 ай мурун

    Before I clicked this video, i saw it and was like: hm.. people gonna sing Congratulations

  • Musical Nerd 2007

    Musical Nerd 2007

    9 ай мурун

    That was so so sweet!!❤️

  • rejoyce


    9 ай мурун

    1:15 "Start learning about money. Start saving money, even if it's only $10 a week...." Wise words, Conroe Brooks, thank you.

  • Laura Beeghly

    Laura Beeghly

    9 ай мурун

    I sorta wish that Covid-19 would go to my senior year, so this could be for me. I love this!

  • Vera


    9 ай мурун

    as one of the 2020 class i just want to say...thank you☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Kendal Reese's

    Kendal Reese's

    9 ай мурун

    Thank you soo much. Love this musical since 8th grade and got to see it for free last year #classof2020

  • Lucifag


    9 ай мурун

    I highkey expected this to be a cover of Congratulations

  • David Tardío

    David Tardío

    9 ай мурун

    I'm only un 4 of the highschool (idk how it is in U.S.A, 'cause i'm from Spain), and i'm going to finish this year... And this words are necesary for me to continue.
    Sorry 4 my bad english, i'm from Spain, again xd

  • slumbers


    9 ай мурун

    oh man. i really, really needed this.

  • spaced out anna

    spaced out anna

    9 ай мурун

    I'm in the class of 2020 and this video officially made my day!

  • The Pitapafrita

    The Pitapafrita

    9 ай мурун

    Thank yo so much for this words!
    ¡Muchas gracias por estas palabras!
    Soy mexicana, y este julio me graduaba de la preparatoria (turno matutino) y de la carrera de técnico en Radiología (turno nocturno). Por obvias razones, ambas graduaciones se cancelaron, pero definitivamente sin Hamilton no hubiera completado estos tres años de la manera en que lo hice, muchas veces escuchando de las personas que yo era una persona imparable, y sabiendo que lo decían como algo bueno.
    ¡Gracias! Thank you so much!

  • leonor


    9 ай мурун

    tayne is the cutest thing in the world, help

  • I A

    I A

    9 ай мурун

    i thought they were gonna sing congratulations

  • Daishou Simp

    Daishou Simp

    9 ай мурун

    Too all those graduates , I guess you could say you blew them all away , get it? Hamilton and s- yeah that was corny..

  • Rhianne Eunice Lim

    Rhianne Eunice Lim

    9 ай мурун

    lowkey thought they were gonna sing congratulations

  • Matthias Tan

    Matthias Tan

    9 ай мурун

    I thought they were gonna be like "you have invented a new kind of stupid!"

  • Shalika Reddy

    Shalika Reddy

    9 ай мурун

    You guys are so nice!

  • PistachioMustachio


    9 ай мурун

    Congrats you guys!!!!

  • Shayne’s Dream Team

    Shayne’s Dream Team

    9 ай мурун

    Thank you for this!! I hope you all know the impact you have made on so many people’s lives. For me I ended up missing half of my sophomore and most of my junior year due to my chronic illnesses causing me to be hospitalized and then I was not able to return full time all of junior year because I needed to work on recovery. I will never be cured, but this musical has given me strength. During the drive to and from my state’s children’s hospital my mom and I would sing along to Hamilton in our 1 1/2 journey each way. I worked so hard to be able to graduate on time and here I am!! So thank you all for the motivation and this beautiful message as this was supposed to be my first full year back since freshman year. I would rather keep people safe, but it so nice to feel acknowledged. Much love to all of you!! Thank you for all that you do and I’m not throwing away my shot!! 💪🏻❤️🥳❣️

  • Leticia Ambriz

    Leticia Ambriz

    9 ай мурун

    Who dislike this 🤨🤨🤨

  • meghan mccloskey

    meghan mccloskey

    9 ай мурун

    this is the first video dedicated to the class of 2020 that has genuinely moved me to tears. i lost my last three productions ever because of covid—i was the baker’s wife in into the woods that was supposed to open 7 days after the shelter at home mandate began. hearing “you did not throw away your shot” from my idols truly helped with the guilt and nostalgia that i think most of us have been going through. really can’t thank you enough ❤️

  • Mega Prime

    Mega Prime

    9 ай мурун

    *Salute* I'll try my best

  • Tom Nook

    Tom Nook

    9 ай мурун

    No one cares about fifth graders

    Like If u agree

    • OceanPaws 04

      OceanPaws 04

      9 ай мурун

      What have fifth graders done??

  • François Nze-Maure

    François Nze-Maure

    9 ай мурун

    I thought they were gonna sing a more light-hearted version of Congratulations

  • Coco Coco

    Coco Coco

    9 ай мурун

    See you in 4 years when i graduate high school
    I graduated middle school

  • brooke hathaway

    brooke hathaway

    9 ай мурун

    as someone who has loved hamilton since 8th grade, this really makes me cry

  • Саша Белинская

    Саша Белинская

    9 ай мурун

    I feel so sad, nevertheless

  • monserrat hinojosa

    monserrat hinojosa

    9 ай мурун

    This is so sweet :,)💖 thank you all so much! I really needed this because I’ve been feeling down because everything was canceled. I’ll take all of these advices 💛

  • Elena Cienfuegos

    Elena Cienfuegos

    9 ай мурун

    It would have been funny if it was the song coungrlations, a delated song from the musical.

  • brynnexsmile


    9 ай мурун

    damn i didn’t know i needed this until i watched this. i spent a lot of my time in the beginning of “quarantine” feeling sad and just fed up because my senior year isn’t ending how it was supposed to and this was just needed. thank you so much